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What About ...

Here is a great selection of brief articles from a series written by former LCMS President A.L. Barry which look at the chief elements of the Catechism and Christian faith.

Each article is only 2 pages long. 

Cover of "The Changing Feast"
The Unchanging Feast
The Nature and Basis of Lutheran Worship

Dr. Al Barry, past-president of the Lutheran Church– Missouri Synod, wrote this wonderful little book. It’s a brief look at the history and form of worship down through the ages, Luther’s reforms, and where liturgical worship finds itself in our fast-changing times today.

As Dr. Barry notes, “It lifts the spirit and draws one into the very presence of God who wishes to be with us in Word and Sacrament. It draws us away from the mundane, hum-drum hype and hoopla of Madison Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard and into the ‘Holy of Holies’ of the Lord’s presence where we receive forgiveness through the Word and Sacraments.”

What About Lutheran Worship
What About ... Lutheran Worship?

Here is a brief description of the nature of Lutheran Worship and what Lutherans believe.

I Will Grieve
For The Suicide

In this book, the Rev. Peter Preus provides Gospel comfort for those who are left behind after a Christian commits suicide. He addresses the stigma, psychology and theology of suicide, as well as the grieving process that follows it, and the hope Christians can find in Christ.

You can read the entire book here online or you may also download it free.

Please feel welcome to share this important resource with friends and family.

I Will Grieve For the Suicide
"You Are Not Alone" Cover
You Are Not Alone: A Prayer Book For Victims of Domestic Violence
Also Available: Hope And Healing Bible Study

Sexual assault, rape and domestic violence are difficult topics to address. They are emotionally volatile and heartbreaking life events, and, for women who are suffering and trying to heal, the perfect peace of the Gospel is vital.  In Christ, there is hope and healing for survivors of sexual assault.

Both booklets are free from The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. You can download them with the links. Please feel welcome to share this important resource with friends and family.

"Hope And Healing" Bible Study Cover
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