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Free Topical Booklets
Project Connect

Here is a wealth of topical booklets at your fingertips from Lutheran Hour Ministries' Project Connect.  Project Connect  is designed to provide down-to-earth insight about we deal with every day—grief, stress, prayer, relationships—and more.


You can either download and read a PDF copy of the booklet or you can listen to the MP3 audio file for many of them. Many are also available in Spanish.

There are almost 100 different free booklets available for you.

Many of these booklets are also available in Large Print and Braille and can be ordered free from Lutheran Braille Workers.

Featured Booklet this season

Your Place in God's Plan

What's your purpose in life? Like spokes without a hub, a life without a purpose--a center--feels futile and empty. This booklet will help you gain a deeper understanding about God's plans for you and with you. Whether in your family, workplace or community, God's plans will make the most of the gifts, talents and abilities He has entrusted to you. Discover how the pieces of your life fit beautifully together in His purpose--His glorious purpose. 


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  • If you are viewing this page on a phone you won't see this window. You may instead view the booklets by clicking here.

You can enter a topic in the second search box below where it says,

"Search booklet titles and descriptions by word or phrase"

or simply scroll down in this window, and have a look.

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You are also invited to add the Project Connect app to your phone.  Click here to see our free Useful Free App page.

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