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Lost Books of the Bible? Video Study

Lost Books of the Bible

with Rev. Gregory Seltz

Ever wondered if some texts were intentionally excluded from the Bible and why? Lost Books? looks at why some ancient writings failed to make the cut for inclusion, why other texts most definitely met the standard, and why others, including those "gospels" found in the last century, came up short.

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Session 1

Who Made Up Those Rules?  

Session 2

Filling in the Blanks

Session 3

Buried Treasures?

Session 4

Step in for a Closer Look

The Bible: What? When? Why?

The Bible: What? When? Why?

Christians read the Bible and talk about it and study it. They preach and teach about it. Why is this book so important ? This Project Connect booklet from Lutheran Hour Ministries discusses the individual books within the Bible that form the Scriptures as a whole.

If you enjoyed this series then be sure to check out the excellent video course on Christianity, "God Connects" which is also hosted by Dr. Gregory Seltz

Video Bible study produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries

an official auxiliary of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS) and Lutheran Church – Canada (LCC) 

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